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The ‘India Coffee House’ was started by the COFFEE BOARD in early 1940s, during the British rule. In the mid 1950's the Board closed down several Coffee Houses in different cities throughout India. At that time the Board had decided to dismiss the employees. A large number of employees lost their jobs. That was a turning point, the well known great communist leader com. A.K.G (Ayillyath Kuttiari Gopalan Nambiar) took over the leadership of the said employees and organized Societies all over India in various states. This is the “INDIA COFFEE BOARD WORKER'S CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY”.

A lot of dismissed Coffee Board employees had dedicated their life, money and manpower for the formation of the Society. The first Society was formed in Bangalore on August 1957. The first new generation Indian Coffee House opened in Delhi on 27th December 1957. Our Society was registered in Thrissur on 10th February 1958. The first Indian Coffee House opened at Thrissur on 8th March 1958. It was also the fourth in the country. The Coffee House was inaugurated by our beloved Godfather Com. A.K.G.

Our Society’s jurisdiction is Thrissur to Thiruvananthapuram. The Society was established in 1958 and the founder President was Adv. T.K. Krishnan and secretary was Mr. N.S. Parameswaran Pillai. Fifty Indian Coffee Houses are running across Kerala from TCR. to TVM under the control of India Coffee Board Worker's Co-operative Society Ltd. No. 4227, Thrissur. The Society is registered with District Industries Centre, Thrissur. It is with pride and pleasure that we inform you that our branches are functioning in Kerala Govt. Secretariat, M.L.A. Hostel, Legislature Complex, Govt. Medical Colleges, Cochin University Campus, N.T.P.C. and some other Pvt. Medical colleges and institutions etc.

The prestige of the Indian Coffee House increased with a lot of beloved regular customers in all places. As per the blessings of our valuable customers we are celebrating with honour the Golden jubilee year (1958 - 2008). Our employees dedicated a good service to each and every customer. Satisfaction of the Customers is our aim.

CNBC Awaaz Consumer Awards 2008 names top Indian consumer brands

The CNBC Awaaz consumer awards 2008 were held at Mumbai felicitating the most preferred consumer brands of India, based on research by The Nielsen Company.

Guests of honour presiding over the function were the Hon. Minister for Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution, Sri. Sharad Pawar and the Hon. Minister for Civil Aviation, Sri. Praful Patel. The presenting partner for the function was ICICI Credit Cards, with ICICI Bank Executive Director Mr. Vaidyanathan also present for the awards ceremony.

The awards were based on research conducted by the Research Organisation, The Nielsen Company, who conducted research about 17 product and service categories across the country in 21 cities and 84 rural locations. The study covered 10,000 respondents across all strata of society to arrive at the most preferred brands.

Indian coffee house is contender and first runner of CNBC Awaaz Consumer Award

Most preferred Retail brands

Fast food and beverage chain: Barista, McDonalds, Indian Coffee House, Café Coffee Day, and Pizza Hut competed for this award. Café Coffee Day, where a lot can happen over coffee, emerged the winner of the category.
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